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We are a full service law firm in Cameroon operating with international Standards. A team of digitally Trained lawyers with in-depth experience, skill and passion, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and extensive understanding of the law. We provide Worldly-wise legal Representation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have made to measure legal solutions for the challenges facing Regional, National and International dealing.

At ELAD NGUH & PARTNERS LAW FIRM , we render International Standard Legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution services which are smart, rapid and affordable. We take a comprehensive approach to your legal needs and provide you with efficient solution. We don’t just counsel, we invest in your success, walking you through the achievement of your goals. We see you as our partners and your success is our success.


We offer Top Quality Legal Services to Clients Across the World

  We offer quality legal solutions that will change your life or business.

    We Help Footballers avoid legal mistakes and build legally healthy profession.

    We help Sponsors avoid legal mistakes and make good deals.

    We help businesses avoid legal mistakes and build legally healthy businesses.  

    We deliver international standard legal and alternative dispute resolution services

    We are best  known for our Integrity, Flexibility,Digitalisation Smartness and  Professionalism 

Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon proffers legal services and quick fix for both home and foreign clients.

Elad Nguh & Partners Law firm Counsels Business owners,Companies, investors and other individuals in the businesses they undertake in Cameroon and abroad, in particular in the drafting of founders agreement, shareholder’s agreement and investment protocols, as well as in the implementation of investment plans. We Counsel both Locals and Foreign Corporations, businesses, business owners,  individials ,Footballers, Coaches, Teams, Sponsors ,Medias.


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 Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, a full service Law firm that assist Business owners, entrepreneurs, Companies(Micro Small Medium Enterprises with their various Transactions)

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  • Cameroon Bar Association
  • Nigerian Bar Association


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We will help register your business, file statutory returns , conduct legal audit of your business ,advice you on the Regulatory and Statutory Compliance required.


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We represent and counsel athletes/Footballers, Agents, Managers/coaches, sports teams, and sponsors in the sports Industry.


With the strategic positioning of Cameroon in the CEMAC Region with its key ports of Kribi and Douala which enables us to serve the Landlocked countries, Our international trade and maritime law practice serves our clients from these countries and beyond.


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We would help you to protect your ideas and innovations(Protect Your brand assets. We will register your Trademarks, Patents, Designs, Copyright, Traditional Knowledge, draft your Franchising and Licensing agreements,


We will you on founding new businesses and on the creation of companies, N.G.O and business organizations. We also do due diligence investigations, advice on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures.


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We will help you with all aspects of property and real estate transactions including but not limited to Registry Searches, Investigation of Titles, Sales and Acquisitions, Drafting of Title Deeds and Conveyance Documents,


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We would help you understand the laws regulating the collection, use and transfer of data. We will counsel you on Internet Law and Policy, Ownership Rights and Utilization of Technology, help to draft your ICT Agreements,


We will Help you on how to dispose of your property when you are alive and make your children not to fight or be useless when you are gone .

Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We would counsel you on the proper process of marriage in Cameroon so that you won’t be involved in a marriage that is invalid without your knowledge. 

As Complicated as Child Adoption is in Cameroon, Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm will weigh the options and advise you on the adoption process in Cameroon and the laws backing same so that you do not get an illegal adoption an end up in Jail.

Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We would counsel you on the proper process of Divorce in Cameroon so that you won’t remain in a  marriage that is not a going concern and that can keeps you in bondage .

Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, would counsel you on the proper process of investing in Cameroon so that you won’t be involved in an illegal investment that will make your property confiscated. 

Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon will help advise on the position of law for foreigners who are willing to enter Cameroon or who are already in Cameroon. We will equally represent foreigners before any authority in Cameroon.

We will assist your company in any legal Due diligence within Cameroon.

We would help you defend your fundamental human rights as spelt out in the constitution and other treaties duly ratified and  adopted in Cameroon

At Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon  we have trained Notaries constituted by Law , we are  concerned with general financial transactions, Estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney,affidavits and foreign and international business. Some of Our Notarial functions are to validate the signature of a person (for purposes of signing a document);administer oaths and affirmations; take affidavits and statutory declarations, including from witnesses; authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents; take acknowledgments (e.g., of deeds and other conveyances);provide notice of foreign drafts; provide exemplifications and notarial copies; and, to perform certain other official acts.In Cameroon particular in The North West Region which defines our territorial Jurisdiction  .

Our Pro Bono Services are geared towards the defense of Rape Victims, Abused Victims and the underprivileged.

The Partners in Elad Nguh and Partners Law Firm represents our clients before the courts in Cameroon in the areas of litigation- commercial litigation, criminal litigation, civil litigation, employment and labour related matters, insurance, succession.Mindful of the fact that  litigation takes a lot of time, we advise our clients to consider arbitration which is less time consuming and very effective. Second, as arbitration hearings are always conducted behind closed doors, the confidentiality of our clients’ business secrets are assured.

Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, offers all forms of dispute resolution as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have a vibrant litigation team which will represent you before superior courts within Cameroon and Nigeria. If you don’t like the rigor of litigation and would prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We are Alternative Dispute Resolution experts; we will help you resolve your dispute using conciliation, negotiation and/ or Mediation And Arbitration Mechanism.

At Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We have Dedicated Virtual Lawyers and assistants. We help Law Firms get more done within Cameroon in Less Time , The above services we offered to our clients we also offer same to foreign Law Firms who need legal representation in Cameroon or Africa. We are Open for Partnering with other Law firms and Lawyers

 Elad Nguh and Partners Law Firm Counsel on regulatory frame work on the establishment of a Blockchain business or creating and exploiting a digital assets, tech contracts and assisting in disputes emanating from such.

  Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon also offers Legal outsourcing for our clients. Where a Client contacts us for services that we do not offer as a result of specialization, we either higher a Firm or Freelance Lawyer to work with us and solve the particular clients problem to his or her satisfaction, or we immediately employ the Lawyer for that particular purpose.  

 Elad Nguh and Partners Law Firm Counsel on regulatory frame work on Cyber Criminality Law as well as assist in any investigation and prosecution of offenders.

 To Hire or retain our Law Firm you have to start by consulting us, after which we will get the facts of your case and strategize then take action immediately 


A legal consultation is a chance for prospective clients with legal needs to meet (in person, over the phone, or through video chat) and discuss their legal needs with any of our Lawyers. This is where you discuss the relevant information regarding the type of legal assistance you need representation for.To be consulted you have to Pay a None Refundable Consultation Fee


After a Client complies with consultation Fee and indeed brief us , We have to check the available laws and match it with the facts of his case , we confirm if his/her case is a good case or a bad one .Then we develop a Legal Strategy to prosecute his/her case .

Take Action

When a Strategy has been put in place we then start the Legal work and depending on the circumstances of the case we deliver results as soon as possible.

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 “Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm treated me when I was in distress and almost killed in a failed marriage, the treatment was so nice even though I had no money to pay for your services.l shall never forget that till I die. God alone knows how He will compensate this Law Firm for me.Because of the Divorce ,I am living a happy life in peace now because of you… Just one word…. Thank you.”

Tamba Claudia
Douala ,Cameroon

I have had the best representation from Elad Nguh and Partners, I cannot begin to name them from Contracts,Legal counsel,and court representation. Thank you for offering me your best representation Lawyers of Elad Nguh & partners law Firm 

Pastor Ndamanjong Frankline

What a good Law office to get representation.The law firm represented me in a civil suit from first instance to Supreme court and I was satisfied with their work

Nkwen Bamenda
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