In Cameroon to get a business registered , it is advisable to start seeking legal advise from the day the idea of creating the business is conceived ,and even when the business is already running it still needs a legal advise for legal advise for its day to day running.This is covered under OHADA Laws .

If you are like most business owners, you probably don’t have a lawyer on staff. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune to legal trouble. In fact, without a lawyer, you may be opening yourself up to a host of legal risks, including:

Failing to comply with laws.

Making false statements in your business filings.

Violating trade secrets.

Negligently injuring someone.

Failing to pay taxes.

Running afoul of the competition.

If you’re not sure whether you need a lawyer, here are a few tips to help you decide:

First, consult with a lawyer to get an overview of your specific business situation and the various legal risks you face.

Second, make sure you are fully compliant with all applicable laws. This includes filing the correct paperwork with the necessary departments/taxation/Labor/ Social insurance, following company standards, and protecting your intellectual property.

Third, always be truthful in your business dealings. This includes disclosing all material facts to your customers and partners, and maintaining accurate financial records.

Fourth, be sure to comply with all safety and health regulations. This includes ensuring that your workplace is safe, and that you are following all applicable safety guidelines.

Finally, be sure to pay your taxes and other legal obligations. This will help you avoid costly penalties and fines.

Munoh Mathias Elad Nguh Esq.

Business & Sports Lawyer in Cameroon

Barrister,Solicitor,Notary Public 

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