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Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm provides you with internationally ranked Lawyers to offer you a wide range of services whether in the private or public domain.

We assist our Clients |Businesses in solving legal issues

Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm is one of the few law firms in Cameroon with considerable knowledge in this rapidly growing field and provides top-notch legal representation for clients requiring assistance in this complex areas of the law.


We will help register your business, file statutory returns , conduct legal audit of your business ,advice you on the Regulatory and Statutory Compliance required. We will help you with your Corporate Governance, Corporate Restructuring and Due Diligence, Insolvency, Taxation, Merger and Acquisition, Insurance, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Company Secretarial, Stamping and Registration of Debenture Trust Deeds, Conveyance, Underwriting Agreements, Searches and we will attend corporate meetings on your behalf. Over the years, a lot of companies- both national and foreign companies have been out of business either because they adopted a poor corporate policy, litigations emanating from breach of contracts and compliance problems. The lawyers of Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm have knowledge of complex issues regarding formation, corporate restructuring, taxation, securities law, as well as intellectual property law. Our team has put in place well-structured policies to help companies survive in Cameroon after incorporation. We have over the years registered a considerable number of companies. Our policy is to first proffer clients with various forms of companies under the OHADA member states and their advantages and disadvantages. How to start up a business in Cameroon? How to buy a business in Cameroon? How to invest in startups? How to build a start up? How to get funding for startups in Cameroon? What is a startup cost? and Why do startups fail? Are the frequently asked questions we receive from clients. Do you have the next big idea or are you tired of working with your boss and ready to be your own enterprise? Are you excited to get your startup off the ground or take it to the next level with financing? As a law firm with an innovative mindset, our startup lawyers are well suited to provide you with the legal support you will need each step of the way. We as assist clients in obtaining the various licenses which are available to the public such as liquor license, import and export license, mining license, exploration and exploitation of wood license.


We will help you in founding new businesses and on the creation of companies, N.G.O and business organizations. We also do due diligence investigations, advice on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, both incorporated and unincorporated. We counsel on arrangements to reduce, re-organize and re-construct the capital of companies and also advice on the procedure to divest companies within a holding or group. We will advise on strategic partnerships between companies, assist in the buying and selling shares , negotiate and draft shareholder agreements, non-disclosure agreements, management agreements, and employee share subscriptions alongside employment contracts for employees. We will advise project developers and investors on the legal aspects of foreign investment (direct and indirect) across a range of industries in the Cameroon economy. These include matters relating to company rights and obligations, regulatory compliance, taxation, labour, immigration, commercial engagements, divestiture and insolvency. Further, we assist clients with asset tracing and debt recovery because we understand this exercise sometimes poses an operational issue for organizations with limited time to spend on chasing unsettled obligations. We also represent our clients in litigation when contentious issues arise in the course of their business activities. In a nutshell, our legal interventions include representation in any competent court within Cameroon and Nigeria.


We would counsel you on the proper process of Divorce in Cameroon so that you won’t continue to remain in bondage in name of a marriage that has failed or you do not commit a criminal offence while still in marriage . In addition to Counselling for Divorce we would file the court processes and represent you in court for the entire Divorce process till we obtain your Judgment and Divorce Certificate.


We would help you understand the laws regulating the collection, use and transfer of data. We will counsel you on Internet Law and Policy, Ownership Rights and Utilization of Technology, help to draft your ICT Agreements, advice you on the position of the law with regards to Data Protection, Electronic Commerce, Information Security ,computer Fraud and litigate your Cybercrime cases.


We would help you understand the laws regulating the cyber security and computer Fraud and litigate your Cybercrime cases. Request for international legal assistance is now a common phenomenon in international crimes and investigations. The host country where the suspect or evidence is, will be in a better position to investigate and arrest the suspect or provide the evidence. The service of Mutual Legal Assistance is not common amongst law firms in Central Africa, that’s why Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm stands to be one of those firms offering this service. It is however complex in providing such a service due to the political culture in Cameroon and in other Central African states. Therefore, we have to gather more experience in our approach and also provide results within a reasonable time. With the growing trend of cyber-crimes and other fraud schemes in Africa, our team is ready to advice governments, individuals, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations and other foreign institutions. We assist clients in preparing the request for MLA, advise them of the right agency to table the request, and also do follow up. However, MLA request which doesn’t respect international standard and are of a political nature shall be rejected.


Blockchain technology/cryptocurrency is now being considered by some government and corporate bodies. There is little or no legal frame work regulating blockchain technology/cryptocurrency in the CEMAC region in general and Cameroon in particular. Investors and clients with whom we had worked with in relation to this field were satisfied with our legal opinion and how we guided them through the process of establishing and investing into this sector. As cryptocurrency increasingly gains acceptance into Cameroons financial mainstream, Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm is dedicated to providing sophisticated and knowledgeable legal counsel to clients navigating this rapidly evolving space. We provide counsel on key regulatory considerations impacting on businesses both creating and harnessing the digital assets, tech contracts and assisting in disputes related to ICOs. Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm is one of the few law firms in Cameroon with considerable knowledge in this rapidly growing field and provides top-tier legal representation for clients requiring assistance in this complex area of the law.


We will help you with all aspects of property and real estate transactions including but not limited to Registry Searches, Investigation of Titles, Sales and Acquisitions, Drafting of Title Deeds and Conveyance Documents, Perfection of Titles, Obtaining all requisite approvals on Properties, and Real Estate Investment Trust.


We would counsel you on the proper process of Adoption in Cameroon so that you won’t be involved in an Illegal Adoption that will land you in jail . We would Counsel on Surrogacy .In addition to Counselling for Adoption we would file the court processes and represent you in court for the entire Adoption process till we obtain your Judgment and adoption Certificate.


We represent and counsel athletes/Footballers, Agents, Managers/coaches, sports teams, and sponsors in the sports Industry. The Stakeholders/Clients typically engage us to prepare and review professional service contracts, endorsement contracts, representation agreements, and standard athlete contracts which include contracts with minors through legal guardians. We also assist clients with tax advice, alternative dispute resolution processes and in the process of sports branding and merchandising. Our Sports Law Experts have an in-depth knowledge of FIFA Rules, CAF rules as well as the domestic Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT) rules. Our entertainment law defenders provide a support mechanism to enable our clients optimize their personal brands. This involves assisting them to shape their careers long term, and achieve success within and without the Cameroonian entertainment industry. We also offer corporate and regulatory compliance advice to our clients to help them prevent future disputes. We also offer a broad range of other legal services touching on contracts negotiation, organizing tours, immigration and international travel arrangements, sponsorships, taxation and protection of intellectual property rights. We represent artists, television and film producers, content providers, distributors, musicians, record labels, writers and publishers, inventors of internet entertainment services and investors in this sector.


We will assist your company in any legal Due diligence within Cameroon. Remember Due Diligence is an important part of any relationship. A business /company should review any potential clients legal history and potential conflict of interest efore engaging


We assist foreign expatriates, private visitors, tourists, persons on mission, business men, promoters, invitees or participants in a festival organized in the national territory and investors in obtaining the requisite immigration visas and permits in Cameroon. We are in partnership with other immigration law firms abroad offering similar services, and also the transfer of noncitizen employees. We also assist refugees and those seeking to be permanent resident abroad in preparing their asylum applications. Immigration law is complex, but our legal analysis will help clear the doubt and make the process stress free.


As Complex as investment law is, Our Law Firm shall provide you with the legal counsel on investments,with the wealth of experience and experts we have in the field we can provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your investments. For Foriegn investors , we can counsel you such that you are protected when investing in foreign businesses


Here in Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon, We have Dedicated Virtual Lawyers and assistants. We help Law Firms get more done within Cameroon in Less Time , The above services we offered to our clients we also offer same to foreign Law Firms who need legal representation in Cameroon or Africa. We are Open for Partnering with other Law firms and Lawyers.


Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon also offers Legal outsourcing for our clients. Where a Client contacts us for services that we do not offer as a result of specialization, we either higher a Firm or Freelance Lawyer to work with us and solve the particular clients problem to his or her satisfaction, or we immediately employ the Lawyer for that particular purpose.


In Elad Nguh & Partners Law Firm Cameroon we have trained Notaries constituted by Law , we are concerned with general financial transactions, Estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney,affidavits and foreign and international business. Some of Our Notarial functions are to validate the signature of a person (for purposes of signing a document); administer oaths and affirmations; take affidavits and statutory declarations, including from witnesses; authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents; take acknowledgments (e.g., of deeds and other conveyances); provide notice of foreign drafts; provide exemplifications and notarial copies; and, to perform certain other official acts. In Cameroon particular in The North West Region which defines our territorial Jurisdiction .


We master both the french civil law and the common law legal systems and we are armed to handle criminal, labour and civil matters in all the courts in Cameroon. We have put in place an effective report system to update our clients on every step we take in relation to their law suits. We manage effectively all the phases of litigation from investigation, pleadings, pre-trial, trial, and appeal processes. Since litigation takes a lot of time, we resort to counsel our clients to consider arbitration as an option which is gain gain and less time consuming and very effective. Second, as arbitration hearings are always conducted behind closed doors, the confidentiality of our clients’ business secrets are assured.


We help defend the underprivileged in the Society. Some Organizations/Individuals fund us to represent the underprivilege in certain cases including but not limited to cases against widows, cases against females, cases against homosexuals and lesbians, Orphans ,Litigants without Lawyers, rape Victims e.t.c .We help come out with beautiful projects for Associations and N.G.Os depending on their objectives which will enable them easily have funding .We help, lobby and execute projects on behalf of Associations and N.G.Os. We equally supervised fund projects on behalf of Sponsors and give out reports to sponsors.We also carry out humanitarian projects and activities


We offer all forms of dispute resolution as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have a vibrant litigation team which will represent you before superior courts within Cameroon and Nigeria. If you don’t like the rigor of litigation and would prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We are Alternative Dispute Resolution experts; we will help you resolve your dispute using conciliation, negotiation and/ or Mediation And Arbitration Mechanism.


We would help you to protect your ideas and innovations(Protect Your brand assets. We will register your Trademarks, Patents, Designs, Copyright, Traditional Knowledge, draft your Franchising and Licensing agreements, assist you with Technology Transfer, and Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement and Claims.


We assist our clients prepare, register their Wills at the necessary quarters .The Importance of a Will cannot be overemphasis. The process covers drafting of wills,Notarising of will, reading of the will at the appropriate time , administration of estates, legal and administrative representation for the granting and resealing of Letters of Administration, Probate, registration of Probate granted out of Cameroon and any litigious issues that arise such as contestation of wills and other estate disputes.


With the strategic positioning of Cameroon in the CEMAC Region with its key ports of Kribi and Douala which enables us to serve the Landlocked countries, Our international trade and maritime law practice serves our clients from these countries and beyond. In this area , we provide advice to clients on contentious and non-contentious, corporate and regulatory matters regarding marine commerce, carriage of goods by sea, carriage of passengers by sea and applicable restrictions. We also have experience in maritime litigation including in the arrest and release of vessels on behalf of lenders, protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs, vessel owners and charterers. We would advise on various transactions relating to the drafting and review of charterparties, bills of lading, the formation of ship ownership and ship registration, joint ventures, labor including ship personnel, port & logistics, freight forwarding, ship agency, ship finance and lease, ship sale and purchase, ship mortgage registrations, ship recycling, oil and commodities trading, trade finance, international sales, customs procedures, marine insurance, marine casualties, and pollution. Our Law Firm is ready to work with stakeholders within this sector including owners, charterers, shipyards, insurers, P&I clubs, financiers, international agencies, brokers, offshore and marine companies, port and terminal operators/promoters, petroleum marketing and distribution companies, commodity trading houses and trade associations.

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  • Cameroon Bar Association
  • Nigerian Bar Association
  • North west Lawyers Association
  • African Bar Association
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